Thursday, August 01, 2013

Custom Friends Lists in Facebook

 Controlling the "spammy-ness" of your FB news feed is essential for some sort of stress reduction, not to mention getting some hours back in your day.

 But Facebook do not make for a very intuitive/user friendly interface.

 Here's how to make custom friends lists:

 On your home page, ie. NOT your profile page but rather just, go down the left sidebar to the [grey] header "Friends"

 When you float the mouse over this you should see "more" appear to the right. Click this; the main window/frame should then change to show your Friends' Lists - the default lists being items such as "Close Friends", "Acquaintance", "Family".

 Click "+ Create List" and you should be able to enter a name, eg. "Besties", for a new list and add members.

 This new list will then be shown in the left sidebar, below the [greyed] Friends header I mentioned above.

 If you float your mouse over this title, eg. "Besties" you should see a small 'pen' appear, click this to get the option to "Add to Favourites" or "Delete" the list.

 Adding to Favourites will move that list, eg. "Besties" up to the "Favourites" at the top of the sidebar.