Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Mac image viewer - Sequential

One of my preferred tools for viewing images on the Mac.
which I downloaded from here Softpedia

As of this posting they are at version 2.0.1

Allows windowed or full screen (sequential) viewing of images in folder.
Double click on an image and then keep viewing other images found in same folder.

Exif information viewable.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Removing Thumbs.db on OS X

I recently moved lots of pics from my old Windoze box to my iMac, this resulted in lots of Thumbs.db and Picasa.ini files lying around that I didn't need.

Seeking out a bash script that would erase them all I found:

find / -name "Thumbs.db" -exec rm '{}' \;

I moded that to this:
find /Users/Dee/Pictures/ -name "Thumbs.db" -exec echo '{}' \;

1) to save time time I changed the starting point from '/' (root) to my '/Pictures' dir.
2) I changed the 'rm' (remove' command to 'echo' to *see* what files and where that it would be targeting - silly I know but some small piece of mind, and I love watching a busy terminal .. yeah I know, "small minds ..."