Thursday, May 13, 2010

Google maps - issue with map reset - my wishlist

I have a Map eg. PlacesNearHome.
I search for something, find a site (bookmarks appear - red 'pins') nearby. But I don't want to save Your pin (even if I do, same problem arises)
So I want to edit my map, or just return to my map, which has been removed from the sidebar during the search process.
So I click the link for my maps, or the link down near all the searches listed at bottom of left sidebar, and when my map comes up, giving me the ability to edit and therefor save a bookmark near or at the place I've just searched for.. you RESET THE MAP VIEW!!!!!!!

I do all the leg work to find a street, maybe using street view etc to get to where I want to place a bookmark, and when I go to my map, you reset the view.


many thanks, love (most all) your work =)

Sunday, May 02, 2010

OS X dashboardadvisory locationd phoning home

having noticed my machine 'phoning home' (dashboardadvisory) I thought I'd take a look and see if I should be concerned about it.

It would seem no. It's merely keeping the widgets updated and not sending anything particularly personal to home.

But in the interests of documenting code snippets for my own failing memory here's how to unload the dashboardadvisory service:

I found two references, not sure which should (maybe) be scrubbed)

sudo launchctl unload -w \

sudo launchctl unload -w

found these references on Digg

locationd: similar scenario only now we're talking about the clock keeping itself updated and it can *try* to assess your location in order to do that.

Found some discussion at Superuser

Again, it would seem not to be a big [privacy] issue.