Saturday, February 24, 2007

MMM - Music n Multi Media

Some fave tracks of mine, viewable at Stage 6 DivX

Hope you like dance n trance .. and opera.

BT - This Binary Universe

BT - Emotional Technology - Somnambulist

DJ Tiesto - Adagio for strings

SARAH BRIGHTMAN - Time To Say Goodbye

Friday, February 23, 2007

Should you use Google Apps

I'm a lover of all things Google, and I do use many online resources which I miss when I am without net connectivity or even rarer - when Google is offline. But here's a good summary of the situation:

Google Apps

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

My most precious sites


GMail - Google's webmail!
Google Reader - RSS feed aggregator, easy way to keep up with people's blogs in such.
eg. Some of my RSS feeds I've shared here
Google Calendar
Picasa Web Albums [Google] - put your photos online
Picasa yet another Google app', the easy way to put your photos on PicasaWeb

Firefox a Mozilla product
Firefox Web Browser

Extensions for Firefox
TabMix Plus
improves the behaviour of the tabbed browsing feature of Firefox.
Adblock Plus for blocking ads.
for blocking scripts on webpages. You decide what happens and what doesn't.
a free add-on for your Firefox browser that syncs your bookmarks across multiple computers and more.
Down Them All
as it says =) for downloading all items on a webpage.
save a webpage to a single file rather than html + image folder
Freecorder Toolbar
a Free Sound Recorder supporting Windows Vista and XP.

Remember the Milk - To Do List
you can have scheduled alerts mailed to. I get my mailed to my mobile phone.
Micro Torrent For peer to peer Bit Torrent downloading.
Mininova the place I search for Bit Torrents.
DVD Shrink for backing up DVDs

Backing up DVD movies

Want to backup that DVD?

Try this software DVDshrink

Use that software to make an ISO image of your movie then use some like Nero or PowerISO to burn that image to DVD.