Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Getting There

OK, have to order the iron so the East and West walls can be finished but now it's mostly just the hoppers around the ground floor. Then she's done!

The weather stopped coming at me when the West wall was completed. It turned and commenced coming in from the North. Typical, saw me tryin to hold it back. But the hoppers should be done within about 10 days, if not a lot less, then the wind can howl away.

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Progress Despite the Weather

Well there was a wind today and a smattering of rain this morning but we managed to get some other chores done as well as start cladding over the driveway, the East wall. I'll be putting a garage door in here, to give simple access until the hoppers become awnings and allow doors to be built beneath them.

Friday, February 18, 2005

Tools down, Tank is filling

It's a beautiful country, Oz. And I am lucky to live in a part of it that's not so badly drought stricken, especially now. Misty skies and drizzling rain so the tools are stashed and the tank is overflowing again.

At least the internet is here and so parts of me can spend time in other places whilst this one puts physical activity on hold. Although now is prolly the time to be digging drainage channels as it's easier to check that they do, in fact, -drain-!

North Wall nearly done

You can see the North wall closing in here (on the right side). The place is getting warmer now when the sun's on the iron but it's still a bit foot stamping when the weather decides to turn misty, as it seems to do at least once a week lately.

Home Sweet Home

Well the completion (almost) of the SW wall has made it much more bearable in the shed. The wind is not so powerful from the other directions and so life here is pretty dang pleasant. A swell camping spot.

'Tis still a bit of a mess inside as we are always moving the furniture around to accommodate the next stage we are working on, but as the weather proof area expands so too the choice of location for weather sensitive furniture.

Saturday, February 12, 2005

West Wall

The West wall nearly done, thank God. The South West is where most of the weather comes from so making this place less subject to hair-raising winds means I need this wall in asap.

The large iron hoppers at the bottom will swing up to become awnings when I can afford to build a new wall where they now stand. Mostly 2nd hand glass built into frames with at least one large sliding door to allow air movement and of course human traffic.

The polycarbonate strips allow light in, as well as heat for the winter, but also help by giving a kind of view. Save one from lookin at the walls al the time, I believe it's good to see the sky.

Not as good as glass to be sure, but much cheaper to buy and install. Maybe later I can put the panoramic glass in

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

South Wall Hoppers

The south wall hoppers are the breathers for the shed. When the air inside is getting to hot these hoppers will let air in from the wet garden that is planned for the south side of the shed.

The other walls will also have their openable doors but this will help guarantee a cross flow of air during that iron roasting summer days.

I still haven't figured out how to make them easy to open and close. Currently I lift one end and prop a piece of offcut timber there. But some sort of pulleys with hinged legs that lock into place would be good.

Aaa another of many chores.

Saturday, January 01, 2005

A Bed is Made

So when I started out I moved some bunks up to the shed. By putting them together and lashing a tarp around them I made a high and dry spot for myself. Lucky I did so coz the ground was awash this Xmas as the wind pushed gallons of water inside the shed.
Then the winds came on Boxing day and dried out the swamp but nearly took the bed and me with 'em.
I had to hang a carpet over a steel gate and then prop that with steel posts to keep the wind at bay, but eventually I got the caravan out of the bush hole it was in, emptied a wheelbarrow of rat dung out of it and "home sweet home" The bed looks a bit different here, moved from it's original central location once the West wall was finished, but you get the idea.