Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Project Underway

The picture here shows the shed and house but without the added cladding for the shed.

The shed is the weather proof shell. Keeping a large verandah or deck area around the house. This detached shell also helps stop moisture movement. For example if there are leaks in a conventional roof it can mean damage to the internal lining boards and this means difficult repair work.

With the two objects not touching unseen moisture movement, which later surprises, is not very likely.

A shed is normally either too cold or hot, but this double shell means lots of shade and air movement, via the louvres or hoppers, in the summer, and a layer that can decreases air movement around the inner house for warmer winters. In effect Very Large Scale Double Glazing.

The dates on these posts are a bit rough but around this time we had the shed put up for us by a mob I will *never* recommend to anyone. live n learn

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

A Concept

I've had a plan for some time to get a house built. A house that allows one (or many) to live closer to the surrounding countryside. Not so easy in the city but easier on 30 hectares.

So knowing how handy a shed is, I devised a plan to make a shed that could then have a house built inside it. This means that the weather can be held better at bay, whilst also having more functionality than the average brick veneer three bedroom.

It also means I can work on the wooden house inside regardless of the weather. And it is preferrable to keep the wood dry, this will be easy in the shed.

Once the floor is in I can actually put furniture on it and live there. Except that it's not as warm as it will be it would be a *very* civilised camp.

More details here

Home is where the shed is. My little dream is to build a home on the range. Somewhere to collect some chicken eggs, watch the goat mow the lawn and invite guests to lounge in the pool or the hot tub. These posts will hopefully show the progress on that.

Thanx for droppin' in.